Beyond the Basics: Nutrition for the Healthcare Practitioner

Course Description:
This microcredential will go beyond the basics of simple vitamins, mineral, protein, fat, and carbs. We will also discuss researched nutritional practices, eating methodologies, cultural and religious norms within dietary preferences and therapeutic uses of foods based on a patients’ medical needs, stage of life or medical conditions. Be confident talking to your patients about nutrition.

Date and Location:
Online asynchronous self-paced course launching September 2021.

Teaching Methods:
Asynchronous online lectures, videos, journaling, discussion and examinations.

Program Objectives:
At the end of this Microcredential the student will be able to:

  • Define macro and micronutrients, their uses, overuse and complications of deficiency or toxicity
  • Discuss researched nutrition practices and therapeutic use of foods and supplements
  • Explain common and fad diets in relationship to eating methodologies
  • Recognize cultural and religious dietary needs and practices during treatment suggestions
  • Compare smart and safe VS unclean cooking and shopping practices
  • Instruct patients on label reading and dietary documentation
  • Calculate nitrogen balance, caloric need, BMI, waist / hip ratio and body fat percentage
  • Introduce concepts of health weight gain and loss
  • Compare and contrast enteral VS parenteral nutrition in their needs uses, indications and contraindications.
  • Define the changing needs for patients based on their medical needs, stage of life or medical conditions.

Instructor(s) name and credentials:
Kristine Tohtz, DC, DABCA, LAc, CACCP, CIFM

Kristine Tohtz

Kristine Tohtz, DC, DABCA, LAc, CACCP, CIFM©: Dr. Tohtz graduated magna cum laude from the National University of Health Sciences in April 2001. While attending chiropractic school, she also began working toward a Diplomate in Acupuncture and in August 2009 received her Diplomate in Acupuncture from the American Chiropractic Association's. After attending two supervised medical internships in Beijing and Hangzhou, China, she found advanced studies to be warranted and obtained her Masters of Science in Acupuncture (MsAc) through the National University of Health Sciences graduating summa cum laude in August 2014. She has completed an advanced certification in Pregnancy and Pediatric care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric and is a trained post-partum doula. She also successfully completed training to become a practitioner in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. She teaches continuing education to healthcare practitioners of all types on the topics of acupuncture, dry needling, pregnancy, nutrition and pediatric care. She is presently the Director of the School of Emerging Education at Resurrection University and is working toward her certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

CE Hours:
27 hours of Nursing CEU; Chiropractic (University of bridgeport) and Acupuncture CEU may be awarded - contact our office for further information. Upon completion of all modules / badges, a microcredential will be awarded and sent to your registered e-mail address.